Giving Birth By Margaret Atwood


Allow my to preface this by saying I have never given birth, nor do I (at the present moment) want anything to do with that much pain.

But, I found this short story interesting. Mildly too descriptive for my I-don’t-want-to-know-that mindset, but overall it was a wonderful story centered around the reality (or what I assume is the reality) of birth.

In this beautiful tale, the woman in question feels entitled to some sort of meaningful moment of clarity in exchange for her pain. Alas, it is not granted as giving birth is like a “car accident or an orgasm” important, not entirely explainable, yet not the whole new world kind of experience many first time pregnant women hope for. In fact, in a beautiful turn of events, this woman changes, rather than the world changing around her, like she expects. “She ceases to be what she was and is replaced, gradually, by someone else.”

The baby itself is described with little importance, like “a good watch, well-made, substantial.” The entire story is a build up to this baby, yet not even a name is prescribed to it. The baby is simply another event. Pregnancy and giving birth changed this woman, but events continue, not quite pushing themselves into this woman’s mind as being important. For she has read all the books and has all the knowledge to go through life without a stumble or hassle. Events to her are simply events. But, unbeknownst to her, this event changed her into a different person entirely.


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